Saturday, July 12, 2014

In response to the 38 Degrees MP Social Media survey. I am Green.

Look, I am a Green. 
I have goals to be a Green. 
I am currently a councillor for a non-politically affiliated parish council, I want to progress in this council - yet I also have goals to be a district green councillor, a county green councillor, become a Green MP, to take my political aspirations as far as they can go. 
Why? Because it is what I believe in - no, what I know is the right thing to do. 

To do so I know I need to adapt, to make progress, to change. 
Yet most importantly I know I am going to have to listen. 
To hold my opinions until they can be influence by up-to-date relevant information. 
Current MP's appear unwilling to do this. 

Members of Parliament are supposed to be there for the people, the public, their constituents, yet they stick to and wear their opinions like a shield. If they are so unwilling to listen there's no point in online engagement, or any engagement at all. 

On a side note, you may be aware that a certain MP received a police caution for assault.
Domestic abuse of his ex-partner.
By doing so, by being arrested, involving media and police dragging his parties name with him through the dirt. What happened? Was he cautioned by the party? Was he dismissed, even put on probation?
No. Not even a smack on the wrist.  

What happened instead? A Green Councillor took all the scorn over an innocent tweet. 
Yes, he had prior mishaps. Still, it was just a tweet. 

Any person who has military family, been in the military themselves, know when it comes down to the line they are trained to kill. That is what they are paid for. In doing so they are making a great sacrifice, but believe you me it can be a burden on the soul. 
Personally, I couldn't have a greater respect for them. Besides, you don't blame a hammer for the way it is used.
Not everyone has to agree with that. I didn't realise that becoming a councillor robs you of the right of freedom of speech?

Who cares, that isn't the point. 

Boom, all media attention directed off Mr Ruffley. We could have taken ownership of it, could have aimed it, used it. Instead we threw one of our own to the wolves. 
It appears we care too much about social media and public opinion to look after one of our own.

Yes, we need to adapt. Yes, we need to listen. But social media should be a tool that we use, take ownership of it. Not to allow it to rob us of control, our purpose left blowing in the wind.

I am Green. I aim to remain Green. Move within The Green Party. But to do so, maybe part of what it means to be Green, first I need to change.

Well, politics aside. Remember your heart is important. Love more, shop less... and occasionally squawk like a chicken... Enjoy ;)

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